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July 15, 2011


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Your creative space is beautiful! So many lovely things to see and all displayed so wonderfully. I love your magazine rack. My mom found me a smaller version that I use to hold greeting cards. I love it!

Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures.


a beautiful space. on the top shelf of your main shelves (loved the locker baskets), there's some black things... what are they? I couldn't make them out and yet they drew my eye!

Lori Anderson

I love all the vintage treasures!

I hope you'll have time to visit my creative spaces!


I love all of your collections and how every nook and cranny has a treasure to look at! Really beautiful studio with alot of charm. Makes me want to find some nice wire baskets and get rid of all the plastic bins...think I will! Thanks for the inspiration and I hope you will come take a peek at my studio and say hello!


Not long enough. Beautiful treasures. Thanks for sharing.


You have a beautiful studio, I love all the photos thanks for sharing

have a beautiful day Lisa


I love the way you've used vintage items as storage. I love that look. You have a beautiful space.

Karen Valentine

Jill I LOVE your space!! The new additions are fabulous! I love all the little details and those suitcases are yummy!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! I really had a great time looking around!

Lavender Cottage

Your work place is nicely organized. I can't go by old suitcases without thinking of someone like you, so many are painting them white and using them for decor.

Stephanie O.

Jill...This space is amazing! So many lovely treasures....and so well organized...I am inspired!

Hope you are doing well...

Two Crazy Crafters

I love the vintage vibe of your creative space! Your supplies look like treasures! Twyla


I love your space, it's so tactile!

cindy craine

Oh wow I love every inch of your room! It's huge and so open ad light, and so organized.I think we need a contest to see who can keep their room clean the longest, I would lose hands down! I now know I need more suitcases, I just love yours! Come see me at Lilly's Lace,xo-cindy


What an amazing space and so wonderfully organized! I love how "thought out" it is....don't you find that the longer you work in a space it's easier to figure out how you work, then you can orgazine accordingly? It's really hard when you first start've done a smashing job with your space, thanks for sharing it!


Just amazing much inspiration

Lisa H.

Thanks for sharing your space, Jill!


Wonderful storage ideas - and so many beautiful things! Lovely space - thanks for sharing with us.


barbara Jean

Love it all girl!! (you know the cubbies are my faves) =)
Quite the 'little' play room you have there!!

thanks for the tour.


sara twycross

such an amazing space. I love it all. Hugs Sara

Terri G.

Great vintage-y treasures at every turn..loving the suitcases! What a delightful space to create in! TFS!!!

Joanne Tinley

What a lovely studio! Thanks for the tour.

Doni Hall

Awesome space! Love all the attention to detail and the assortments you have. I'd love to come and explore those boxes and suitcases!!
Blessings, Doni


Hi Jill..

Oh my... everything looks like so much fun! I love your collections....and all your delish supplies too.

Warm blessings,


I love that little cubby/shelf with all those delightful vignettes, the black shelf that came from your Mom and all your other buts and pieces. I would love to come over and play :)


All that lovely stuff and places to keep it. I love your studio!

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