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January 03, 2011


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Carrie P

My word is declutter (less). I need to focus more on God and less on acquiring stuff. Thanks for sharing!


I know how you feel, Jill -- it's so busy and especially this year after all those Silver Bella projects and being so head-in-the-clouds inspired after the event, for me! I don't even feel bad that I haven't begun writing in my gorgeous Silver Bella journal, but I will! I will! Happy new year!

Casey Boyd

Good word for the year Jill, I think we could all do for a little less. However, lets just say Coburg Antique Fair this year is an exception :)


hi jill,
i am glad to see you are alive. Silver Bella lterally sucked 6 months away from my life. although it was grand I am also still playing catch up


Glad to see you post again! I think the sense that December snuck on people was a common occurrence this year. And I feel better that I'm not the only person that left a tree with only lights up for days (actually it was nearly a week) before I put any ornaments on the tree! I actually didn't get the tree decorated until early on Christmas Eve! My word for 2011 is heal. Hope to see you soon! :)

Heidi Meyer

Hi Jill - this is Heidi from Danielle's vintage valentine swap stopping by to say hello! You have a beautiful family - no wonder you are busy with that sweet grandbaby! Love your word for the year - so true less can be more.

Hope Ellington

Hi Jill~
It has been too long. Wanted to stop by and say hello. 'LESS' is a very good word. I am lessening around here too.....

Stephanie T.

Missed seeing your smiling words here! I've backed away a bit from FB and the blog to focus on Melody's (Brave Girls) Soul Restoration. My word for the year was 'empowerment' but then, when I got to thinking about it, it should be 'direction.' Just getting too old to waste any more time floundering.
Love you!xxoo

Lisa H.

What a great photo of your family!

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