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February 15, 2012


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Nikki Gamon

Beautiful brave girl! I have always assumed that people just put up with me to be polite but didn't really like me. I'm learning to stop thinking this way. For what it's worth, you have inspired me since the day I met you and I never even noticed your size. Much love to you art sister!

Lisa H.

Thanks for posting this! Along these same lines, I've benefited greatly from Emily Freeman's _Grace for the Good Girl_. Have you read that?


Jill my dear, you are amazing. Just the way you are!!! Hugs!

barbara jean

guess I am ready this from 'end' to beginning, and should start at beginning.

But, I am enjoying what I am reading, and I am sure the very things you are sharing and learning yourself, will hep all of us in recognizing why we do the things we do,too.

I do not care what size you are; what I see is your wonderful smile, and a heart big as the universe. And I adore those warm and cuddly hugs from you.

thanks for sharing Jill


Jill- You are a sweet blessing. Life has many ups and down and people will come and go. i've finally decided to be OK with that.You are an inspiration and are a wonderful generous soul....hugs

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